About the project

Imagine a single, vibrant election event that unites over 400 million citizens across the European Union. EU elections are not just a series of national votes but a collective celebration of our shared identity and democratic values. As EU citizens, we come together to shape our common future, transcending borders and embracing the strength of our diversity. This project is a testament to our unity, making it easier for every citizen, no matter where they are in the EU, to participate in this powerful democratic process.

To support this vision of a unified election process, Commit Global has created a platform, We Vote for EU, which embodies the idea of unity and collaboration. WeVote4.EU is a comprehensive digital hub that centralizes crucial election information and real-time updates, making it easier for citizens to participate in the democratic process.

What makes this platform special?

WeVote4.EU offers several innovative and important features designed to enhance the voting experience for EU citizens. Through Voter Guidance, It provides voters with essential information on how to cast their votes and find polling stations quickly, regardless of their location. Our Voter Turnout section offers comprehensive statistics on voter participation throughout the EU. The Live Feed section delivers real-time insights and updates from experts and civil society organizations, while our Election Monitoring section presents aggregated data to ensure transparency and reliability.

Check below how you can make the most of these features and see what distinguishes each element.

Voter Guidance

Decision Tree Format: The platform uses a decision tree format that guides EU citizens directly to the specific information they need.

Comprehensive Information: The final information provided is comprehensive, covering registration requirements (if any), different voting methods (proxy, online, postal, polling station), required documentation for voting, and assistance for voters with disabilities or other limitations.

Verified Information: The information presented on the website is cross checked from multiple different sources, including national ministries and organizations responsible for voting rules and procedures, as well as the European Parliament platform.

Multilingual Accessibility: We make sure that every EU citizen can access the information they need in their own language. The platform is available in 26 languages, with each country's decision tree provided in its official language(s) and in English. This ensures that everyone, no matter their linguistic background, can navigate the voting process effortlessly.

Interconnected Guidance: Regardless of the EU nationality of the voter, their country of residence or their location on the day of the elections, the platform provides precise, tailored instructions and information relevant to their unique situation. It's like having a personalized voting assistant who makes the process smooth and inspiring.

Voter Turnout

The Voter Turnout displays an updated counter of voter participation across the entire EU. Our team actively aggregates data from various sources to present a unified, comprehensive statistic of EU citizens who cast their vote in the 2024 European Parliament elections. By offering this collective view of voter engagement, we highlight our commitment to fostering a sense of unity across all member states.

Live Feed

The Live Feed section offers real-time insights into the progress of elections in each country, highlighting election day trends, significant occurrences, and expert commentary from our civil society partners across Europe. Our goal is to amplify the voices of civil society and provide a central space where NGOs from across the EU can cover and analyze the elections from their unique perspectives. Often, these voices are underrepresented or overlooked, and we believe it is crucial to include them in the conversation. That's why, on WeVoteEU, we have created a live commentary space, offering a comprehensive and diverse view of the electoral process.

Notice on Election Day Coverage and Compliance with Electoral Silence Regulations

We are committed to providing real-time insights into the progress of elections in each EU country, highlighting election day trends, significant occurrences, and expert commentary from our civil society partners across Europe. Please note that the comments and information provided are strictly non-partisan and not related to any political campaigning.

Our partner organizations have been informed to adhere to the EU electoral silence period regulations. Any information that breaches the electoral silence period will not be displayed on our platform to ensure we do not influence the election process.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

Election Monitoring

It is the first time that multiple European organizations are monitoring EU elections simultaneously using the same digital solution—Vote Monitor. This historical event allows us to view for the first time pan-European aggregated data related to vote monitoring in the polling stations. Collaborating with various organizations, this effort ensures comprehensive and trustworthy election monitoring across diverse EU countries.

WeVote4.EU is a platform created and managed by Commit Global, the world's first global civic tech NGO. With the headquarter in the Hague (The Netherlands), Commit Global consolidates, maintains and provides free access to critical digital Infrastructure for Good, to civil society organizations and affected populations around the world. For further information on our work, please visit our website.